About donations:

Keren Kagan is dependent on donations and grants to fund KLASS. Our budget for 2015 is $110,000 – join us in raising this figure!

We have received grants from foundations, from the Ministry of Absorption, and from generous friends in Israel and around the world:

We thank:

  • Clore Israel Foundation
  • Glencore Society for Education and Welfare
  • The Ministry of Absorption
  • Sacher Charitable Trusts
  • SAS Charitable Trust
  • Private donors in Israel
  • Private donors in the USA via PEF
  • Private donors in the UK via NIF
  • Private donors in the EU and Latin America


Donation opportunities

Here are a few examples of how any amount large or small will help KLASS to provide the children with the help they need that no one else is providing:

Activity Cost
ISL $ £
1 private lesson a week for a year (45 weeks) 3,000 860 555 640
1 teacher helping with homework for a week (15 hours) 1,000 285 185 215
1 month of music lessons
1 year of art lessons 1,760 500 325 375
1 month of dance lessons 175 50 35 40

Donations can be made:

  • Directly to Keren Kagan – Keren Kagan POBox 3028, Jerusalem 91030
  • In the USA and Canada through PEF (tax deductible) – PEF 317 Madison Avenue, Suite 607 New York NY 10017 USA – All contributions (minimum $25) must be in US dollars made payable to PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc. Please state that the donation is for Keren Kagan. Credit card donations are not accepted. Please contact PEF for information about making donations of stock or securities.
  • In the UK through NIF (tax deductible) – New Israeli Fund 25-26 Enford Street, London W1H 1DW.
  • Through Israelgives , which also allows donations by credit card (donations in the US, Canada and the UK are tax deductible) – Israelgives Please see www.israelgives.org


    • Direct donation through the site using Paypal: