How can you help?

As we are looking to expand and enhance our activities we are looking for both people and funds.

Volunteer from 3-15 hours a week and help us to help the children of Jerusalem’s Katmonim area.

Volunteer opportunities:

Here’s how you can help us help these youngsters get a better start in life to assure them of a safer and better future:

  • Are you a remedial teacher?
  • A regular teacher?
  • Could you act as a “madrich” to occupy children who have finished their homework and lessons, are waiting for lessons, or are waiting for their siblings?
  • Will you escort children once a week to and from dance, music and art lessons a short bus ride away?
  • We need help with office work.
  • Website maintenance.
  • Can you help us create and maintain a Facebook and/or a Twitter page?

KLASS and Skilled Volunteers For Israel

We were among the beneficiaries of this wonderful program for professionals from the United States who come to Israel for a month and volunteer with non-profits.

In July three English teachers who came through Skilled Volunteers for Israel tutored at KLASS. They taught high school pupils, and the results were excellent: the interaction between the tutors and the young people not only improved the standard of their English, but also for the first time they were using the English they knew to communicate in a real life situation. These pupils’ self-confidence and self-esteem also gained a boost. For instance, H. (who has just completed 10th grade) comes regularly for coaching in math. She received three 1½ hours sessions in English from one of the Skilled Volunteers, as a result of which she feels she can now continue to work on her own, and is feeling good about herself.
Do follow the link below to the blog of one of the volunteers – 91 years old, and the children were queuing up to get extra lessons with her!

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